ADAMON’s vision is to ultimately disrupt lazy, “Triple A,” video game developers and deliver a fresh take on the monster collecting genre through the use of innovative, blockchain technology.

Over time, developers and publishers have grown complacent. They appear to care less about the quality of the games they make, and more about the money they earn. We’re here to change that.

We intend to bring a fresh take to gaming, where players and game quality come first. There are three key pillars to ADAMON’s vision: a full-scale Manga series, a collection of trading cards, and ultimately, our Monster Collecting roleplaying game.

Our ADAMON Manga allows you to follow the story of Leo and Plasbite as they battle their way to the top of the Raconda Championship!

The ADAMON TCG will introduce a wide array of ADAMON species and their uses. These cards will be limited collectors’ items which provide exclusive holder benefits.

In the ADAMON RPG, you’ll be able to collect all your favorite ADAMON NFTs, import them into our game, battle and breed, and journey through the fascinating world of Raconda. You can catch other ADAMON, battle other trainers, trade and train your way to becoming the ADAMON Champion.

ADAMON RPG will be a play-to-earn RPG on PC, powered by the Cardano blockchain. In this game, you will own your assets — not us!

Be a part of our first GENESIS COLLECTION — Minting 2-22-2022 at 22:22 UTC — and be one of the exclusive few who will hold and be able to breed these early ADAMON.


Meet the Creator, Shane (spxc)

ADAMON Founder Shane (spxc)

Shane (spxc) has been a gamer ever since he can remember.

One of the first video games he played was Pokémon Sapphire. He has loved the monster collection genre ever since, continuing his passion with Temtem and many other monster collector games.

In addition to video games, Shane has loved to write stories throughout his life. After becoming a fan of anime, he wanted to create a manga.

Shane learned about cryptocurrency through friends who were trading it. After being exposed to Charles Hoskinson, he quickly became a big believer in the Cardano ecosystem. All of this has led to a perfect storm resulting in the creation of ADAMON.

Shane’s dream is to create the best monster collecting experience to date. With engaging storytelling and classic yet modernized gameplay, ADAMON seeks to disrupt the genre and bring in a new era of true monster ownership.

The game assets will be delivered on and powered by the Cardano blockchain, allowing your creature collection to be decentralized from ADAMON servers.

Meet the Brand Designer & Web Developer, Jason (TelFiRE)

As a kid I spent a huge amount of time playing Pokémon Red, Yellow, and Silver while my parents were playing in their bowling league. I’ve always been a collector and a trader, particularly of things that don’t take up a lot of space.

It started with trading cards of all kinds, continued with pin trading, became a bit of a problem with my collection of keycaps for mechanical keyboards, and has devolved into full-on degeneracy with Cardano NFTs.

I’ve been in the CNFT space since May, and it’s been a blast. I’ve met great people, and gotten to create websites for some awesome projects. ADAMON’s art is world class, and I can’t wait to see the future of this new franchise.

Dark Green Crystal
Rocky Crystal Cave Floor