Founder’s Cards

ADAMON Founder’s Cards

The very first ADAMON NFT release

300 Founder’s cards introduced the ADAMON Franchise
As the first supporters of the project, holders of Founder’s Cards receive huge benefits.

Plasbite, Clawth, and Aurigon cards

100 Founder’s Cards per ADAMON including 2 Ultra Rare Luster Variants

Clawth Founder's Card
Clawth Founder's Card Luster Variant
Plasbite Founder's Card
Plasbite Founder's Card Luster Variant
Aurigon Founder's Card
Aurigon Founder's Card Luster Variant

Holder Benefits

  • Whitelisted for all ADAMON drops
  • 10% off all ADAMON mints
  • Exclusive Genesis ADAMON species airdrop
    • Luster card will get Luster Genesis
  • Eligible for random airdrops
  • Exclusive in-game Founder title

ADAMON – Founder’s Edition NFT’s were the first NFTs ADAMON released. These NFTs consist of three TCG Cards for Plasbite, Clawth, and Aurigon. Holders of the Founder’s Edition NFTs receive guaranteed discounted access to all future mints, a guaranteed exclusive Genesis ADAMON airdrop before the Alpha begins, as well as a host of in-game benefits.

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Dark Green Crystal
Rocky Crystal Cave Floor