Halloween Special

ADAMON Halloween Special 2021

Spoopus: The first ADAMON PFP

Limited supply Halloween Drop that introduced Spoopus!
Only 170 Spoopus were minted! Lucky Spoopus holders were airdropped the first Spoopus TCG Cards!

Spoopus Trading Card

Holder Benefits

  • Exclusive in-game Spoopus Costume Outfit
  • Exclusive in-game Spoopy title

The Adamon Halloween Special is the first “PFP” (Profile Picture) Style NFT that ADAMON released. This collection features Spoopus wearing different Halloween Costumes. Holders of the Halloween Special NFTs will gain access to the costume that Spoopus is wearing in-game. Tamers can then apply that Halloween-themed skin to a Spoopus that they have captured to change its appearance if they choose to do so.

Policy ID: a826300b47759cceea1a2af6645c3d97b2d73ab4e94781c1eee27c62
Policy ID (TCG): bd1bdfe194d4399eee86282e6dff12e69dbe3f666b23592818622bc1

Dark Green Crystal
Rocky Crystal Cave Floor