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Meet Plasbite, A Plasma type Adamon!

Plasbite are very playful Adamon that grow strong bonds with their Tamers! They are the ideal first Adamon partner. Plasbite normally hunt in packs but will also break off on their own if they feel like the members of their pack are too weak.

Available in Genesis Collection, Founder’s Cards


Meet Firakon, A Fire/Mythic Type Adamon.

In Racondan folklore, Firakon is seen as a symbol of hope. It is said that only a tamer who is pure of heart may scan and wield its flame. This has normally been a Tamer from the royal bloodline throughout history, however there have been a few exceptions.

Firakon is arguably the strongest Mythic Adamon, only rivaled by Aquora. A few tamers once witnessed an epic battle between the two, which led to the destruction of a once beautiful forest. That area is now known as The Wastelands. The Wastelands have been uninhabited for many years, and the Royal Guard currently restricts access to anyone who dares to enter.

Available exclusively in Genesis Collection


Meet Rhinore, An Earth type Adamon!

Rhinore have existed in Raconda for many centuries and have gone through many changes throughout that time. One of the biggest changes to the species occurred after the first gold mine opened in Raconda. The miners weren’t surprised that Rhinore were attracted to the mine as the species enjoys feeding on different types of ore. Once they started feeding on gold ore that was dug up from the mine, their bodies went through an amazing transformation in which their horns, legs, and tails turned to gold!

Available in Genesis Collection


This Dark-Type Adamon is nocturnal and feeds on small Nature-Type Adamon that fall into its web.

Contrary to what most female tamers think, Spitsy isn’t dangerous to humans. Its toxins are specifically made to paralyze Adamon, and have no effect on people!

Available in Genesis Collection


Meet Spoopus, a Water/Phantom Type Adamon!

Spoopus enjoys playing pranks on Adamon Tamers so much that it has been observed hiding for days just to scare one. They mostly live in areas of Raconda that are close to water but can also be seen living in graveyards and other spooky places.

After scanning a Spoopus, some Tamers have said that their ADAscanners became haunted, and would move without them touching it!

Available in Genesis Collection, Halloween Special


Meet Aurigon! Aurigon is a Light/Dragon dual type Adamon

Found at the Pinnacle of the Shining Mountains in Raconda, Aurigon is said to only appear in front of Tamers that are pure of heart and deserving of its grace. If you find yourself standing in front of an Aurigon, consider yourself extremely lucky as most residents of Raconda think that they are extinct.

Available in Founder’s Cards


Meet Clawth! A Dark/Plasma type Adamon!

Clawth like to live in the shadows and are extremely good hunters. Due to the fact that they are so sneaky, most tamers in Raconda consider Clawth to be extremely rare. Once scanned, they are extremely loyal to their tamers and will obey any command.

Available in Founder’s Cards


Meet Minasphere, An Earth type Adamon!

As tamers walk around certain rocky areas of Raconda, they could come across a field full of Minasphere with their body burrowed into the ground and only their tails appearing above. Tamers originally thought their tails were some form of rocky plant, until an unlucky fellow decided to tug on it. Needless to say these cute Adamon were not very pleased…

Whereabouts unknown


Meet Puncharoo, a Melee Type Adamon!

Puncharoo are not to be messed with in the wild. If you find one sleeping, its probably best to tip toe the other way. Puncharoo is always aware of its surroundings and if startled, it will immediately strike whatever is in front of it. Puncharoo can be a very strong member of your Adamon team, as they normally always want to be the strongest they possibly can be. Just try to stay on their good side or you might catch a haymaker to the face…

Whereabouts unknown

Dark Green Crystal
Rocky Crystal Cave Floor